Welcome to the Wall of Fame!
[Misty-eyed gratitude, told by a poor backpacker]

This page is reserved for recognizing those of my beloved readers who have selflessly contributed to my travel funds. My heartfelt love goes out to you all for your generosity—you’re enabling a dream that has been brewing in my soul for years and would surely hemorrhage me with ennui if I were not fulfilling it now. It is for me that I wander, but it is for us both that I write.

A thousand and one grateful thank you’s to the following:

  • The Elliott Family – They know who they are, but in brief they are the oddest, most loving clan of Midwestern-rooted weirdos I’ve ever known. I admit to being wholly self-serving when I say that they are one of modern America’s great untold family success stories. If you should meet any of them, you would do well to buy them a drink or two—you’ll be rewarded with some ribald stories. That includes myself, of course.
  • Jan and Bruce Shugart – A dynamic duo whose love for life and others spreads miles and miles beyond their home. They helped ignite the spark of wanderhood in my soul and were generous enough to help me fan the flames into reality, and I cannot thank them enough.
  • Misha and Jason Green – A dazzlingly beautiful couple with up vector success. Their wonderful children will likely invent cures for the worst of maladies or be among the first multinational congresspeople. Hot damn!
  • Lizbeth Messing – A gracious friend of my Aunt Sue’s. She has generously donated to a friend’s relative whom, very likely, she last saw when I was kicking it in diapers. Thanks Liz, your donation means a lot to me!

How can I join the Wall??? Easy..there’s a “Donate” button on the right sidebar of my blog. Give it a click! Follow the easy steps and voila! You’ve bought me lunch (or two). Even if you cannot donate, thanks so much for reading! ~PWALLE


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