I’m building a travel map that I will (hopefully) update intermittently. It’s pretty sparse right now—just some points of interest that I’ve laid out ahead of time in a ‘Wishlist’ layer. I will not ‘check in’ at any of the places on this map (speaking of checking in, remember foursquare?). I can think of at least two people who would find such details comforting, but I am paranoid enough—and narcissistic enough, at that—to be concerned about publicly displaying my exact whereabouts. Because you know, the CIA could still be looking to take me in after I off’ed their high-profile puppet warlord nearly 10 years ago….at the age of 15. With my bare hands. And they still haven’t caught me yet. Because my digital records are protected by an impenetrable layer of fairie dust. Right.

Instead of posting my exact location, á la “sitting on the patio of Joe’s BBQ Pit picking spare rib out of my teeth with my left index finger (oh and I’m wearing a brown t-shirt with Cake’s Mustache Man plastered on the front)”…you ever deep dive into a rich analogy and lose your point entirely? Right.

Instead of posting my exact location, I will let the oh-so-clever reader piece together my whereabouts from, say, my most recent blog post, and thereby determine that I am somewhere in the vicinity.

If you consider yourself a benevolent and thoughtful person, and would like to suggest a point of interest for my travels, please Leave a Reply below.  Bonus points if you suggest something I can’t find on the first page of Google results.

*Post-travels update: I mean to complete this map at some point. Every once in a grey day, I get inspired and add a few points to it. Hopefully someday, it’ll serve as a nice geo-journal, or recommendation resource for fellow travelers. Or, likely, a wasted bag of bits on Google’s server.*

Without further ado, the map (click it..I promise it won’t bite):

(if for some reason it did bite you, you can try this external link)


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