Same Same, But Different?

Watching the world pass by.

This picture was taken on a 3rd class train ride from Lopburi to Phitsanulok, Thailand. You can’t quite see out the window, but I’ll describe it:

Miles and miles of patchworked rice fields—shallow, muddy water contained in square plots, with tiny green shoots sticking out in perfect order—interrupted on occasionally by small villages of orange, blue, and yellow buildings shaded with corrugated metal or gilded white temples overseen by enormous Buddhas, backdropped by hazy mountains and sparsely populated with ambling Thai farmers wearing sun hats.

I watched this flow by for hours from the hard metal bench of my rickety clackity train. I began to daydream of growing up as a rice farmer—passing the days bent double, spending all my time and energy reaping the most produce out of my small, square plot. I began filming the landscape to remember the daydreams..and then I had a nice laugh. Here’s the thought:

Videoing rice paddies from the bench of a third class train—
I wonder—
do Asian tourists film corn fields in the American heartland?

That is travel—everything is new and fresh and exciting, even when you’re viewing life as normal in a foreign context. Same same, but different.

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3 responses to “Same Same, But Different?

  • Aunt Sue

    It’s a snowy Sunday morning and UBJ and I are drinking coffee and riding a train through Thailand with you! Love it, love you. Be safe and enjoy every minute. Aunt Sue

  • Jason O'Brien

    I just want to tell you how amazed/impressed I am that you willingly got on a moped taxi….those things are crazy!?! I am thoroughly convinced that if you put an American driver in a car in Bangkok they would get in an accident in less than 3 minutes, yet somehow the Thai drivers miss each other by inches every single time!

    Sounds like you are getting the most you can out of your trip thus far. It is enjoyable following you along the way through your blog. Keep up the good work!

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