Photographer Needed!

Regrettably, I’ve been terrible about taking pictures. There’s been some great opportunities—an overhead night view of the Bangkok riot on Sukhumvit, laser lights knifing through hookah smoke in one of Bangkok’s super clubs (fitting that I don’t remember the name?), vendors selling scorpions. Here is my pledge to be better at it! In the meantime, if you’re traveling through SE Asia or want to and you’re a good photographer with a thirst for adventure, meet up with me and I’ll take you rock climbing! Also if you’re a good photographer and you’re following my blog, please feel free to give me constructive feedback on my pictures!

And now, here’s a terrible photo of me on a motorbike taxi with a Thai friend:

[Smile, you’re about to side saddle a ride through chaos!]

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3 responses to “Photographer Needed!

  • Shirley Goodrich

    So, Paul, just what are you doing? Where have you been and what did you think about it? How long will you be in Bangkok? Where are you staying and what was it like? What about the language barrier? Hey, any picture you send will be better than none.

    • wheresthecrux

      I’ve been roaming around Bangkok and now Ayutthaya, enjoying the culture and the food and the sights. Walking through temples and waiting for elephants to cross the street. Exploring, chatting, dancing, reveling. It’s been eye-opening, fun, and delicious! Stay tuned on the blog! Love P

  • Mingwei

    you are having a good time!

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